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Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity Management in the Heart of Borneo (HoB) of Kalimantan (TA 8331-INO Project) : Capacity Building

31 Mar 2017 | EmailKirim Teman

One of the outputs of the project is strengthening local capacity, which include institutional and human resources dealt with the issues of HoB. The program covers four provinces in Kalimantan (North, East, Central and West provinces) and 17 districts located within the provinces under the HoB area. The capacity building focus on the policy and technical issues related to managing sustainable forest and biodiversity, climate change as well as the green issues such as sustainable agriculture, green mining and sustainable energy.

The program was designed in such a way that includes the interest and needs of local stakeholders through a process of training need assessment in the related provinces and districts. For effectiveness, the implementation of capacity building is divided into three tiers; (1) training for policy and decision makers, (2) technical officers and civil society (3) community level. The approaches of the program consist of video presentation and group discussion in particular to those in the Tier 1, and  conventional training in the class room, practices, field visit as well as comparative studies for Tier 2 and 3.

The trainers for the programs are recruited from a number of institutions who comprehend with the policy and technical at national level such as the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University, ICRAF and province e.g., University of Tanjung Pura as well as district levels. Location of the training is selected upon rotation bases among the four provinces and the accessibility to the  provinces and districts.

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